Me and my shadow

July 30, 2017  •  2 Comments

Soleil is funny; I take the dogs to the park at least once a day, where they bomb around and chase their orange balls until their tongues are hanging almost to the ground. I have yet to find bottom with Arwen; she is the Energizer Bunny, and every ball you throw comes galloping back, to be spat out and sent flying again. 

Soleil knows that she can't keep up with this furry metronome, and in fact she has no desire to, so she does her fetching on her own time and at her own rhythm, and when she's had enough she goes through the gap in the fence and finds 'her' spot under the shadow of a maple tree, and just chills and waits for me and Arwen to call it a day.


Sweet.. Just like any friendship.. We may go do things together but one may sit on a bench and wait..
I'm with Soleil... I'll take the shady spot.
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