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August 03, 2017  •  2 Comments

So this morning, I did a long run in the soupy heat, and straight afterwards I changed from my sweat-soaked running gear into a regular cotton tee shirt and shorts, and took the dogs down to the lake.

Yesterday, we'd had a tragedy: Soleil's ball (they each have their own generic orange rubber ball, and they are very particular about whose is whose) finally succumbed to its injuries (it had been chewed on and punctured and torn in several places) and it sunk. This confounded both Labradors, who knew it had gone into the lake and were determined to find it, swimming in tight, frantic circles together, creating their very own whirlpool, deaf to any and all shouted commands to get back ashore. I finally distracted them by throwing stones to create a diversion.

So today, we tried to introduce a new ball into the mix. And the Labradors weren't having it. They stood, shoulder-deep in the water, and watched it bob its way out into the lake. No encouragement, no exhortation, no cries of exasperation (I might have called them morons) would convince them to retrieve it. So I thought what the hell; I was hot and sweaty from my run, so I just dove in, fully clothed, and swam out there. I wish I'd had my camera to capture the looks on their faces as these two water dogs watched their human fetch the ball for them. They even swam out to escort me in, such was their concern. But as for that ball, Nyuh-uh!!!


You go girl!!!
I'm very glad they didn't try and dive for that ball..but oh so funny them trying to figure out what to do.. and such panic you must of had knowing they would swim till they couldn't swim no more.. Good for you to just dive in.. Hopefully they will get used to that new ball.. Maybe two new balls so they are equal? Just a thought..
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