Say what?

September 22, 2017  •  2 Comments



So I am out and about in the Jeep today, and I start to hear a high-pitched hissing sound that appears to be coming from around the dashboard. It's actually hot outside, and for one of the few times this summer, I have the a/c on. I turn that off, and the noise subsides, then comes back. It persists even for a minute or so after I turn off the engine at my first shopping stop. Then it fizzles away. And then starts again just after I resume driving. I get to the grocery store and the same thing happens...even after turning off the vehicle, a squeaky, whirring noise. I spend 20 minutes shopping, all the while pondering the unhappy option of showing up at the dealership sans appointment (and being looked at like something they scraped off their shoe) and wasting the rest of the afternoon getting diagnosis and fix. The jeep itself is running ok; it's probably just a fan. So I come out of the grocery store and sit down in the driver's seat and the goddamn noise is happening before I even put the key in the ignition, after 20 minutes of the vehicle sitting idle. This is just too weird. I try to hone in on it, and the source seems to be near the gear shift, between the front seats. And as I lean my ear down towards the sound, I see the bubbles rising to the top of a half-empty bottle of diet coke in the cup holder, and realize where my mechanical issue resides...


I can just imagine the faces on the mechanics.

This is a reverse situation.
I'm glad it wasn't serious.. To think if you went to the dealer and they found that...
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