January 30, 2018  •  5 Comments

Barrett left us today. My love to his family.


Circle closes


I always knew we’d reach this day,

Circle closing, parting ways.

Not long ago, in the way I see,

I chose you, and you chose me.

The day we met, a tacit pact:

Letting go would be a fact.

Time, we know, is to invest

In simple joys and togetherness.

We grew together, an inseparable pair,

So many adventures have we shared.

Most of all, love in its purest kind,

We’re always in each other’s mind.


But now I’m old, though you try not to see,

Tiredness is overcoming me.

I don’t want to hurt you; I hide my pain,

But in your eyes I see the strain.

The battle between love and sacrifice,

I’ll bide my time; you’ll do what’s right.


And so one day, one final journey,

Where I leave you, and you leave me.

The time has come to set me free,

You’ve always done what’s good for me.

We settle together; I can feel your breath,

Hear your heart, smell your scent.

That’s all I’ll ever need and take,

On this journey that I alone make.

I trust you completely, so quiet your mind,

No regrets have I to leave this body behind.


The vet listens, looks up, ‘he’s gone’

My heart stopped beating, all is calm.

I see you crumple up in pain,

As I escape my earthly chains.

Your own heart lurches, fraught with grief,

And in a moment so very brief,

In the space of one breathless sob,

Your heart and mine together throb.

I’m in your heart now mine is gone.

Forever our two will beat as one.





Beautiful poem for a beautiful puppy. Please pass on my condolences.
Yasmin Simpson(non-registered)
Such beautiful words....there are tears in my eyes.....everyone who has ever loved a pet knows how this feels and it’s one of the main reasons I don’t feel brave enough to face it again....he’s a beauty.....but finally at peace.....
Didn't realize this blog was still active. What a beautiful face and memory. The poem so sad, so true, so inevitable. Goodbyes so hard.
Such a beautiful eulogy and poem. A sad day... Sorry to hear about a friend and a families family member lost...
I'm so sorry. What a sweet-looking dog. I hope that your photographs help them in their grief.
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