April 25, 2018 - The next few posts will be selections of photos from our East Coast trip. This is Mabel, the sweet, sassy, miniature wi...
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Back to the Great White North

April 21, 2018 - ...there is still plenty of snow and ice in Algonquin
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From ocean to ice

April 20, 2018 - We made our way more than halfway home today; it was snowing in the White Mountains, but not sticking, thank goodness....
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The rain in Maine stays spainly on the plain

April 19, 2018 - Soleil and Arwen with their customized welcome sign at the Inn. Bring your own lobster and the restaurant will cook i...
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No, I didn't run Boston

April 16, 2018 - I went and did 22 miles indoors, on a treadmill instead. I ran my Boston qualifier back in November, in similar conditi...
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More Boston fun

April 15, 2018 - I've decided against running. I know I'm going to hate myself, but I think it's the right decision for me.
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Arrived in Bah-stan

April 14, 2018 - On the Common Living the high life on the 26th floor
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April 14, 2018 - We're two-thirds of the way to Boston, and the forecast is getting more and more dismal each time I look at it. I hate t...
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