squeezing the last drops out of summer

August 31, 2018 - Fun times at the lake.
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August 29, 2018 - The flowers were lovely, but the light was rather dull and flat, so I added an old glass plate texture for fun.
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playing with light

August 25, 2018 - These two pictures were taken within seconds and within a metre of one another, with the same camera. One in full sunshi...
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cottage Monday

August 07, 2018 - The cottage owner wasn't going to be back until Monday afternoon sometime, so the dogs and I snuck back for one last hur...
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cottage Sunday

August 06, 2018 - It was just me and the dogs today, down at the dock, for a couple of hours in the afternoon. We had a great visit with...
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cottage saturday

August 05, 2018 - A beautiful sunny day end-to-end for our second-to-last day at the cottage. The lake was calm, the reflections were stun...
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cottage Friday

August 04, 2018 - Vacation week is drawing to a close. We had some much-needed rain these past two evenings, but it didn't much hinder the...
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cottage Tuesday

August 01, 2018 - Dan and I began the day with a 100 km bike ride from Rosseau to Port Sydney to Huntsville and then back to Rosseau. So t...
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