One dog broke the other dog

January 19, 2022

In mid-November, we were preparing for our afternoon walk, and Nutmeg was doing her usual jack-in-the-box sproinging up and down. She landed hard on Arwen, there was a shriek of pain, and a hind leg was out of commission for a day or so. Then she got better. Until Boxing Day, when she began doing the classic ''toe tapping'' that is a sign of a cruciate ligament tear in a dog. This was confirmed by the vet, and now we are awaiting a major orthopaedic surgery to repair the ligament. It will require 6 full weeks of rest and physiotherapy. The only good news is that these surgeries do give the dogs back almost complete range of motion once they are healed, and they can get back to racing and playing and being dogs again.

But for the next couple of months, it's basically house arrest.