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Arwen, oil drybrush on matboard, 8x10Nutmeg, oil drybrush on bristol board, 8x10Obi, gouache on paper, 8x10O Christmas tree, gouache on paper, 7x7Aberdaron, gouache on canvas, 4x8Toby, oil on canvas, 16x20Soleil sketch, graphite on paper, 8x8Corey's dogs 1, gouache, 8x10Corey's dogs 2, gouache, 8x10Corey's dogs 3, gouache, 8x10Bernese, 8x10Assateague Pony, gouache, 8x10Mack, gouache on canvas, 4x6A little ditty about Jack and Dianne, oil 6x6Piro portrait, oil, 16x20conure, gouache, 6x6conure, cinnamon, gouache, 6x6Tiny island, graphite, 65x35mmA little ditty about Jack and Dianne, gouache 6x6Quietude, Acrylic on canvas, 14x18