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Shasy spot, oil on paper, 5x7Play ball, watercolour, 5x7Seaside stroll, watercolour, 5x7Nut and Arwen ink outline, 5x7Peggy's cove line and wash, 5x7Nut and Arwen, Line and wash, 5x7mint tin Haystack Rock, 2x3mint tin Tank, 2x3mint tin mountains 2x3mint tin seashore, 2x3Coneflowers, gouache, 5x7Skye, line and wash, 5x7Roses, acrylic on paper, 5x7Ziggy and Bowie, acrylic on paper, 5x7Sunhat, acrylic on paper, 4x4Clearing, acrylic on paper, 5x7Happy Pawther's day, acrylic on paper, 5x7Cali, gouache, 5x7Country roads, watercolour, 4x6Nala on cushion, 4x5