happy birthday to me

June 03, 2017  •  5 Comments

The birthday wishes have been pouring in all day on social media. It was a (rare) sunny day and it started off with a zippy 30k run in perfect conditions (for me) : 15 C and sunshine, with a pleasant, cooling crosswind. We celebrated not only my birthday but also our wedding anniversary (I gave him a rock; he gave me a buttercup squash. Truth.). There was also card-and-present-opening, a couple of dog walks/swims, then a return circuit of the walk route with the big girl camera and sans Cheech and Chong, to take pictures of flowers. Thank you especially to my niece, Aidee:  the drawing and words (see below) made my day, and I hope she won't mind me sharing them here. Thank you again for all of the great messages, cards and most of all, the friendship.





Looks like a wonderful day!
Happy happy birthday to you.. Happy anniversary to both of you too.. AQ grand celebration day... with grand photos and...
And Happy Anniversary to you both too! :)
Happy Birthday to you, Paula. I'm so glad that you were born.
Happy Birthday and Anniversary, Paula (and T!). We are sharing a special day today! I hit the 2,500 milestone today!
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