Serendipitous slow shutter speed

January 05, 2018  •  2 Comments

I take a small, plastic, very basic nikon DSLR out on my dog walks, and in inclement weather I tuck it inside my coat, near the armpit/ribcage, to protect it and keep some body heat on it. 

For the price, it performs remarkably well in all conditions, and I have to give it credit in that at minus 30 and below, only the autofocus becomes a bit slow and capricious. Many other cameras simply would not work at all in that kind of cold.

The camera has a dial on the top of it that you rotate to choose shooting modes. I most often have it in aperture priority or manual, but somehow the dial must have been knocked into shutter priority. The first two photos that I fired in burst mode gave me a very slow shutter speed, and I looked to see what was wrong with the camera and saw that the dial was on shutter priority. I corrected it to Aperture priority and went on shooting.

When I got back to the house, I looked at the pictures I'd taken and saw that the erroneous shutter priority ones had given me a couple of beauties of Soleil in blurred, stylized form, against the white canvas of the snow.

So when the time came for our afternoon walk, I popped the dial back on S and played!




A happy accident! These are very cool .... no pun intended!
almost like drawings.. very beautiful
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