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Cannon Beach

May 27, 2018  •  2 Comments

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it's been an absolutely beautiful, exhilarating day.

I was up with the dogs at just after five (keeping in mind that we are 3 hours behind Toronto time now, and our internal clocks really haven't adjusted, since we gained the hours one by one, over several days of travel. We'll lose these time zones back gradually as we drive back home). In any case, I took the dogs out for a quick pee, then took my camera and walked for 2 hours. Somewhat surprisingly, the beach was nearly deserted at that hour (the place is full; there is not a room to be had, as it's the US Memorial day weekend), and the sky was reflecting in the wet sand, and it was simply enchanting.

I came back, had breakfast, then went out for a run up the beach...again with a (smaller) camera while Tim cooked himself some breakfast. Then we took the dogs down for a romp and a swim, then came back and toweled them off and sat outside with them for a bit to let them dry off. I gave them lunch and we left them to sleep, while we wandered down to the village, which is your typical seaside collection of art galleries, ice cream shops, restaurants and other such shops geared to tourists. It wasn't tacky, was quite nice. I bought a dress and Tim bought me a silver necklace with a bird sitting on a little branch.

We took the dogs for another outing on the beach late this afternoon, and I've spent a couple of hours editing and posting photos. I'm just about to head down to the beach to photograph the sunset.

We have to be on the road for 9am tomorrow, because we are driving up the coast to catch the ferry to Vancouver Island. We'll be spending a total of 7 nights on the island before catching the ferry back to Washington State next Monday and then spending 5 days driving home. It was 5100 kilometres just to get to the Pacific, and it will be a (just slightly) shorter route back.

The pictures below are a tiny sample of the hundreds and hundreds that I took. For my photographer friends, I'm already on to my third 32 gig card.


Fabulous photos of our coast! You are so close, yet so far. I’m happy the weather has been cooperative, this is often a rainy holiday for us. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
Gorgeous pictures all of them. 3rd 32 Gig card? Wow.. A treasure of lifetime memories.
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