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Yoho to Spokane

May 25, 2018  •  2 Comments


Today was another travel day, but as usual it began with a run. I’d taken some iPhone pictures during my run along the ‘grizzly bear road’ yesterday, and despite the worry/danger, I was determined to go back there with a better camera this morning. Which I did. I only ran 2 kilometres out, got the pictures I wanted, then came back at a fast clip. I saw a large herd of elk on the way out.


We continued along the TransCanada to Golden, B.C., a stretch of about 60 kilometres that is probably the most technical of the entire road, with steep inclines and declines and sinuous curves. I wouldn’t want to be a trucker on that road!

We turned south at Golden, and drove down the Kootenay valley, with mountain ranges to either side, and the Kootenay river running parallel to the road. It is quite high and even flooded in places.

We crossed over with no problem at Idaho, and spent 2 and a half hours driving south to pick up Interstate 90 for about 30 kilometres and get to our stopping point for the night, Spokane, Washington.

Tomorrow, we head onward to the Oregon coast, with a very special meet-up planned at Hood River.



Such a crystal clear reflection in that photo.. Gorgeous. That road reminds me of a few roads in Colorado.. with a Semi.. Awesome to see the dogs run...
That means Highway 84 likely... Enjoy the Columbia Gorge...
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