Catchlight Canada | Duluth, MN to Sault Ste Marie, ON – so.many.trees

Duluth, MN to Sault Ste Marie, ON – so.many.trees

June 09, 2018  •  3 Comments

Today’s journey was another 500 miles of easterly travel, from the westernmost tip of Lake Superior to the junction of it –at its other extremity – with lakes Huron and Michigan. We’re back in Canada.


Last night in Duluth was lovely, and certainly redemption for the godawful experience in Bismark the night before. The resort is right on the water, and there is plenty of ship traffic of all shapes and sizes, giving the lift bridge a good workout, and making for some great viewing from our room.


We drove out of Minnesota and into Wiscosin as we crossed the bridge from Duluth to Superior, WI. Not long after, we crossed the Michigan state line and began the long, admittedly tedious drive across the Upper Peninsula to Sault Ste Marie. None of this is interstate, so that kind of monotony was avoided, but another took its place, that of trees, trees and more trees. The towns were few and far between, and unlike the Trans Canada on Superior’s northern shore, very little of this route goes directly along the lake. So there wasn’t a whole lot to see. The terrain is flat, like the Prairies, but at least on the Prairies you can see for miles in every direction. Here you feel closed in, within an endless tunnel of mixed forest. I worked for a good part of it, until my laptop battery faded, then I actually ended up counting the mile markers for the latter hours of the journey.


We had a bit of a wait to get back across the border (after picking up Interstate 75 a dozen or so miles south, and seeing the desultory American signage: Canada – Straight Thru. Eloquent.


We’re back in the cabins in Searchmont, just outside of Thunder Bay, that were our first stop on our journey west, three weeks ago. Tomorrow, we do the final five hours to get home.






Beautiful spot. Nice time of the day. Days end (almost).
That 4th picture brings back a flood of memories... The endless nose prints on the glass... And of course, even if they were left in the car oh so briefly, nose prints on the windshield and..

There's no place like home...
Kelly Nicol(non-registered)
I love them all but the nose at the window is definitely my favourite ❤️
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