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Thar she blows

June 01, 2018  •  2 Comments

Today was all about the whales. And they did not disappoint, oh no they didn't.

16 years ago today, I donned white silk and satin. married my true love, then we rode away in a horse-drawn carriage. Today, we donned bright orange survival suits and headed out on a whale tour boat with B&D plus four other people and Captain Dave, an Indigenous local who is obviously passionate about the whales and the land and water he lives and works in.

We were out for nearly four hours; first we followed a pod of transient orcas as they hunted near Salt Spring Island. Then we headed into more open water to catch up with a larger group of orcas traversing a the strait. And to crown the entire experience, Captain Dave said that there were a pair of humpbacks 10 or 15 minutes away, and we travelled over to watch them...they are enormous!

I loved the fact that the various whale watching boat operators not only kept a respectful distance from the whales, but they also communicated with one another and remained with the different pods until another boat could take up the watch. As well, they were in constant communication with one another...that's how we were alerted to the humpbacks.

The survival suits kept us nice and warm on the water, and we had a simply brilliant day that will remain in our memories for a very long time.



a perfect way to celebrate your anniversary, with the one you love. Your wedding sounds so idealistic. I had to chuckle though at the orange suits.. I normally think of something very different ;-)
I was wondering when you took the ferry over if you were going to see some whales.. I am so glad you were about to take a boat out and see them. With boats that leave the Seattle area during their migration, seeing whales is like seeing Mount Rainier.. something us locals take for granted.. Beautiful gorgeous pictures.
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