Catchlight Canada | The road home: Spokane, WA to Three Forks, MT: not so carefree highway

The road home: Spokane, WA to Three Forks, MT: not so carefree highway

June 05, 2018  •  2 Comments

Today was one of our longer travel days, and added to that we lost the first of our three homeward hours by crossing from Pacific to Mountain Time.


I had a beautiful, beautiful run in Spokane this morning; having stayed at the same hotel less than 2 weeks ago, I now have my bearings and was able to enjoy the scenery and not play an orienteering game to stay on the bike path.


When I got back, reality landed with a thud…almost all of my translation customers wanted something done, including one very urgent job that was wanted within the hour. 90% of the time I love being self-employed and the freedom it brings, but sometimes it’s a real drag when you have to attend to client needs at any and every hour, and you have to take vacation on the sly. I’m grateful that things have been relatively quiet up until now, and haven’t interfered with things we wanted to see and do, but this week feels like it might be very different. I ended up delaying our departure from the hotel until 10:30 so that I could get the one job done. I’d really wanted to see the mountains, as this would be our last full day in that kind of terrain, but needs must.


We did detour south to Palouse (grassland) country, with the intention of visiting Steptoe Butte state park, but one of the roads had rolling closures and pilot vehicles, and then we managed to screw up the google maps directions, and there was no cell service to try to improvise. So we saw a bit of the Palouse, just not the exact spot I wanted to go to.


 We got back on I-90 at Coeur d’Alene, and that was pretty much the rest of the day. I had my head down at the laptop for most of it, but Tim was really good about alerting me to photo opportunities, and the collection from today is all taken through the side or front car window, albeit with my good camera. I’m quite pleased with them, actually, and one in particular makes up for the missed photos at the Palouse…I’ll let you guess which one is my pick of the day by a long shot (and no, it's not one of the dogs).


We are staying at the nicest hotel of our itinerary, the Sacajawea Hotel in Three Forks, Montana, near the headwaters of the (flooded) Missouri River. It’s a lovely place, and Tim is treating himself to a (well-earned) feast in the restaurant while the dogs and I hang out in the room and catch up on email and whatnot.


The weather has still been holding beautifully, and tomorrow promises to be warm and sunny for our drive through the remainder of Montana, then onto I-94 into North Dakota.



My guess on your favorite would be the "little" red wagon? Sorry to hear the vacation was interrupted but at least you saw a touch of what you wanted and not zero.. Yep cellphone coverage was the reason I always had a dedicated GPS when I was over the road.. I hope you get to enjoy the scenery the rest of the way home.. My personal favorite it the triangle the trees appear to create over the road.. It reminds me of a photo you did near your home.
Oh my goodness......what beautiful scenery.....a shame it was interrupted with work but as you say self employment has its challenges....I hope the rest of the trip home is uninterrupted!
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