Catchlight Canada | Searchmont to Thunder Bay

Searchmont to Thunder Bay

May 20, 2018  •  2 Comments

Seven hours of travel today/700 km, and there is still 500km of Ontario left to go.

We woke up to sunny skies and a temperature of 4 degrees in Searchmont, and I went for a glorious 10k along the Goulais River. A constant ascent on the way out, then a sweet descent all the way back. I stopped numerous times to take photos with my phone.

The 700 kilometres we covered took us from one end of Lake Superior to the other. The views from the Trans Canada are magnificent, with sparkling blue waters revealing themselves around each new corner or over each new crest. On the inland side of the road, the rocky outcrops and the ubiquitous birches are equally enchanting. 

We only did brief stops for gas or to feed/walk the dogs along the way, wanting to get the kilometres behind us. We've learned that things are rather more remote than expected, and towns and services can be few and far between, with many closed for the holiday weekend.

We detoured to the Terry Fox memorial just as we got to Thunder Bay, and that was a profoundly moving experience, especially having lost my own dad to cancer as well.

We're in a surprisingly nice Holiday Inn for the night (I normally don't even consider them because they're generally not a dog-friendly chain, but this one bucks the trend). Tomorrow, we head for Winnipeg.






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