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Thunder Bay to Strip-Mall-peg

May 21, 2018  •  6 Comments

It was a long drive today, over 700 kilometres. We were up early, and it was a beautiful, calm morning. I went for a run that took me through the campus of Confederation college, then along the river to Lakehead University. We were on the road by just after 9 am.

For the second time in two days, we managed to have a rogue dog in the hallway event. Yesterday, at the cabins, when we were the only guests, it was not so bad. The cabins were set up in a bunkhouse style, with an interior corridor, from which we initially entered the room. We came out the other door, and left the dogs in our cabin, but forgot to close the interior door, and as we unpacked the car, they were gallivanting around the rest of the bunkhouse. This morning, at the Holiday Inn, Arwen must have managed to slip into the hallway during our various comings and goings, taking stuff out to the car. A maid tapped on the door to let her back in.

We didn't get out of Ontario without a speeding ticket, courtesy of the Dryden detachment of the O.P.P. The kind officer knocked it down from 23 over to 15 over and no demerit points. 

We stopped at Kakabeka Falls, just outside of Thunder Bay, and spent about an hour there. The falls are enormous, powerful, and magnificent. The one perfect vantage point for photography had been commandeered by three guys who - no word of a lie - spent a good half an hour just taking pictures of one another with cell phones. 

The terrain certainly flattened out for the last couple of hours of our drive, which was also our first couple of hours in Manitoba.

Winnipeg is seriously underwhelming, at least the part we are in. It makes Hamilton look good by comparison. We're in some kind of endless strip-mall hell, right on the extremely busy Portage Avenue. I won't be sorry to leave it in the rearview tomorrow.


Anna Rosner(non-registered)
Wishing I were there :). Quelles belles photos!
Margot Irvine(non-registered)
Gosh those are some beautiful photos! Safe travels to all of you!
Beautiful scenery and quite the adventure.
The waterfall area is just gorgeous, and I can't get over the blue sky.
Stunning pictures. My favorite type of waterfall, wide and not heavy amounts of water...

Knowing what you will encounter when you reach Alberta on.. I'm very interested in what you see.. Some areas have radically changed for the worse over the years
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